Since 1971 we have relied on "Word of Mouth" recommendations, and we continue to make people happy.

Since 1971, the Homes Canada Group of Companies has been a fixture in the Home Building Industry. The founder, Bob Vail, started the company to be a retail sales distributor of 3rd party built manufactured homes in Sudbury Ontario. Very quickly he and his 2 partners spread the company across Canada with several locations stretching to Chilliwack BC. Bob was not favorable of the rapid expansion and by 1973 he had bought out his partners and closed all locations except the one in Calgary Alberta where he made a home for his family.

Bob's son, Steve, started his career in the industry building factory homes in Medicine Hat and then worked his way through the various positions available at Homes Canada until finally he took ownership in 2004.

Over 50+ years, the company, as with the industry, has evolved dramatically. The homes became better built, the target audience expanded, and the distribution model changed placing more responsibilities on the retail distribution centres, and Steve was always very in tune with how the evolution created new challenges and opportunities.. In 2021, the company discontinued sales and distribution of new homes and changed focus to provide other necessary services to existing Manfactured Home owners and future purchasers.

The services now offered by the Homes Canada Group are unique in the marketplace. Some company's might offer one or two of these services, but no one can do it all. Each of these services compliments each other and becomes highly beneficial to the needs of the consumers. Steve has built a team around this latest massive evolutionary change for this company and everyone is ready to show how these unique services can be of benefit to you. Give us a call today and ask how we might be able to help you.


In 2002, Bob's son Steve took over operations of the business and then ownership of the company in 2004. His experience includes having built factory homes in Medicine Hat in 1996 and then working for the company starting at the warranty desk. He also worked in the pre-owned home sales division and eventually in new homes sales. Steve had acquired a college education majoring in Marketing and Management but his heart was always with construction. During Steve's time as President/Owner, he has evolved the company to include a site-built home division, a high-end distributor and a more focussed approach on facilitating the construction and site development needs of the purchasers.

In 2021, with many of the challenges to supply chain and distribution systems caused by the COVID crisis, Steve decided to discontinue the retail sales and distribution of homes and instead turned the company focus to providing solutions to the purchasers' needs that are unavailable through other distributors and to provide solutions to the construction, renovation and maintenance needs of past purchasers. The 2 remaining operating divisions are Homes Canada Listing Service (HCLS) and Homes Canada Construction (HCC).

Homes Canada Listing Service has been connecting purchases and sellers for pre-owned homes in land lease communities as a secondary service for almost the entire time the company has been in existence. HCLS also helps owners of homes on acreages/farms to sell their homes to be removed from the property. With the ceasing of the previous core of the business, much more attention is now being placed to expanding this service throughout Alberta. Realtors deal in "Real Property" as defined in the Real Estate Act but a home not affixed to the title of property does not fit this definition, so Realtors are not sufficiently Licenced or insured to be dealing in these affairs. Homes Canada Listings is provincially licenced under the "Retail Home Sales" program.

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