Since 1971, Homes Canada Construction has been focused on Modular and Mobile Home Construction, Home Relocating, Installation, Set-up, and Repairs.

We are able to undertake any manner of construction or repair work needed but Modular and Mobile Home projects have been our focus.

Relocatable Home

Buyer Support

Relocatable Home Buyer Support

During the 50 years Homes Canada was in the business of selling new Modular / Manufactured homes, some of the typical questions that new home purchasers have asked is if we provided basements or garages or site development. Many consumers are not comfortable in assuming the role of General Contractor or taking on the liability bestowed upon them when they do so and be labelled "Prime Contractor" by the government. Homes Canada recognized that there was a need in the marketplace and started offering full service site development and construction services to it's new home purchasers in 2010. Still today many retail home distributors will not take on these responsibilities and force home buyers to contract out their own services. This is generally where things go wrong, so Homes Canada has stopped selling homes and has now developed a service available to purchasers of any home which must be relocated and we are calling it our Relocatable Home Buyer Support. We have the tools, knowledge, experience and the best contacts in the industry to be able to take on these responsibilities on behalf of buyers of either new or used homes that need to be delivered.

Tool Crib

Tool Crib

Over the many years Steve has been looking for solutions to challenges and has acquired a lot of specialized equipment that helps to overcome obstacles. Homes Canada is now setting up the Tool Crib where this equipment is ready for rental without operators and labor. The company owns and is ready to mobilize:

- Jack and roll equipment, where we could lift and relocate structures of many shapes and sizes.

- Skid steers, track hoe and other earth moving equipment.

- 350,000 BTU construction heater self contained in a trailer with all the tools and equipment necessary to keep homes from freezing up when a furnace goes down, or to thaw it out if it does.

- Steam pressure washing mobile unit for general cleaning and stain removal

- And much more.

Community Enhancement

Community Enhancement

All homes require maintenance and upgrades as they age and manufactured homes are no exception. Homes Canada Construction is now providing exclusive solutions to the owners of homes in land lease communities. We have exclusive knowledge about the nuances of manufactured homes that differ from site built homes, so we are better equipped than your average contractor with knowing how to properly affix additions, car ports and even decks to a home on a surface-mount foundation. Our Community Enhancement program is designed to help owners of manufactured homes with all of their needs. Our "Relocatable Home Buyer Support" program is designed to assist purchasers and sellers with all of the tasks required to prepare a home for transport and develop the destination to receive a home. This includes manufactured, modular and even pre-owned site built homes. Some dealers of new homes don't provide these services either, so we are offering our 50+ years of experience to help ensure any buyer has the best experience possible.

Home Warranty Investigation

Home Warranty Investigation

In 2014 the government of Alberta introduced it's New Home Buyer Protection Act. This was designed to ensure new homeowners had an insurance-backed guarantee to ensure that the buyers of new homes received sufficient warranty service. Steve's legacy with Homes Canada included a long history of arguing against the home manufacturers to satisfy his customers concerns. Steve is very proud to say he had never lost an argument. In 2014 while he was a director with the Manufactured/Modular Housing Association of Prairie Provinces (MHAPP), he was appointed to a steering committee with the government of Alberta and the warranty providers responsible for creating the regulations surrounding the new act. Steve likely knows more about home warranty than any builder within the province, so he created a program called Home Warranty Investigation, where he is often relied upon by the warranty providers to investigate and help determine the source of challenging warranty claims, and is contracted to conduct the repairs when the builder won't or is beyond their indemnity period. He has developed part of this program to be accessible directly to homeowners to help them determine possible sources of concerns and help them ensure they receive the greatest benefit from the warranty program.

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